Cooking with CBD

You’ve got a bottle of CBD Oil waiting to be infused into something fun and tasty… So how do you incorporate it into your cooking?

There are many questions surrounding using the CBD oil in recipes. Follow these guidelines and your CBD infusions are limitless. Make sure you are using a high grade CBD oil or extract that is safe for ingestion. Try Purelistic Citrus Daytime Formula for a citrus boost in your recipes.

dropping Purelistic cbd into smoothie


CBD’s evaporating temperature is anywhere between 320° and 355° Fahrenheit. Once it passes this temperature it will lose its beneficial values.


With many flavored CBD Oils, you can truly tailor your oils to any recipe. Finish off a fish taco with a drizzle of citrus flavored CBD, or kick up the flavor of chocolate ice cream with a few splashes of mint flavored CBD.


Adding CBD oil into water, coffee, and other beverages is very popular. Infusing oil into shakes, smoothies and cocktails can also add an interesting and healthy new twist into your favorites.


Be bold and try it out in new ways. You never know what genius creations you could come up with. Be sure to post & share your recipes on or on Instagram! We will feature your post! 


  • You cannot substitute all baking oils with CBD oil when baking. For example, a recipe that calls for 1/2 cup vegetable oil exchanged with 1/2 cup CBD Oil will not yield positive results... The reality is that CBD Oil is just too expensive & potent to be using so much at once. CBD oils have different carrier oils, Purelistic CBD's carrier oil is coconut oil, so our products exchange well with other recipes that call specifically for coconut oil. 
  • Baking over heating your infusions over roughly 320° will evaporate the CBD. Keep it low and keep it simple.
  • Keep in mind that ingesting CBD and absorbing it through the digestive system yields a lower bioavailability than sublingual application, vapors, or other methods. The potency of how much CBD you add to your recipes does come into play. 

If you are looking for recipe ideas to infuse CBD into, try our variety of CBD recipes!