CBD Matcha Green Tea Lemonade Recipe

That delicious bright green drink we love to consume for caffeine and energy! Matcha is a high-grade green tea ground into a powdered form. It is traditionally whisked into hot water to form a frothy drink, and has become wildly popular over the last few years.

"The meditative act of preparing, presenting, and sipping matcha is the backbone of the Japanese tea ceremony. While matcha’s origins are ceremonial, the green tea powder is widely popular around the world in beverages like tea lattes or boba tea, and as a cooking ingredient in everything from ice cream to salad dressing."

green matcha powder on cutting board

Matcha powder has remarkable properties to keep your complexion fresh and healthy. Not only does it reduce inflammation, it offers a one-two punch for the skin to exfoliate and eliminate dead skin cells, then rejuvenate the underlying skin to improve your complexion. Matcha diminishes the signs of aging. Combining Matcha Green Tea with CBD gives you potent and powerful antioxidant properties, to reduce free radicals and relieve stress as well! Not to mention, it’s a great mood enhancer and fights against viruses and bacteria! 

Elite Athlete Stormi Knight brewed up this mouthwatering elixir using Purelistic CBD Boost Formula. It’s great for an energetic refresher. Keep an airtight carafe handy in your fridge, and be sure to give it a vigorous shake before pouring yourself a cool glass.

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1. Purelistic CBD Boost Formula (1 full dropper)

2. 1-2 cup Green Tea (optional)

3. Matcha Green Tea Powder (2 TBSP)

4. Raw Honey (2 TBSP)

5. 2 Organic Lemons (or 1 cup Simply Lemonade)

6. Ice Cubes 


Recipe yields: 2 servings (approx. 1 cup each)

CBD per serving: 8-9mg CBD


  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender, with a small emulsion blender, or in a fitness ‘shaker’ bottle to breakdown matcha powder and CBD.
  2. The recipe is very forgiving and can be tweaked to desired mixture between matcha green tea and lemonade. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there should be approx. 2 cups of liquid for this recipe yield.
  3. Some of our suggested mixtures for liquid ingredients; 2 cups matcha green tea, 1 cup matcha green tea:1 cup lemonade, 2 cups lemonade, or 1 cup water:1 cup lemonade.
  4. Enjoy!