Celebrating Responsibly during a Worldwide Pandemic

With many of 2020 plans being postponed or cancelled, there are still celebratory dates that we wish to commemorate. National holidays, birthdays, and other noteworthy dates can still be enjoyed safely, with new traditions and precautionary planning. The most important guidelines to consider while successfully social distancing when celebrating:

  • If you feel sick stay home
  • Stick with smaller gatherings and avoid large crowds
  • Celebrate outdoors
  • Bring your own food, drinks, cups, and dining utensils
  • Don’t share food or drinks
  • Practice social distancing, with at least six feet of distance between people
  • Wear a mask when you arrive and keep it on when you aren’t eating or drinking
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer and use it regularly, plus before and after you eat
  • Take a shower or at least wash your hands when you get home (with antibacterial soap)

family picnic with face masks and American flags 4th of July

Consider the health of your family and contact the families and friends you plan to spend time with before doing so.

Ask questions like, "Who have you been in contact with"? "Have you personally been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID"?

[In terms of minimizing exposure, Dr. Alkharouf said families should consider activities based on four risk factors: time, space, people, and place.

The longer you are in a location or doing an activity; the less space you have to socially distance; the more people you are exposed to; and space an activity takes place in can all increase the risk of getting COVID-19, she said.  https://425magazine.com/family-summer-covid19/]

Our summer breakdown on how to celebrate:

Consider these items "must-haves" for anytime you leave the house.

Face Masks are being required in many cities, and are useful in slowing the spread of Coronavirus. Keeping these in your car or purse have proven to be extremely necessary.

Hand Sanitizer. When a hand washing station is unavailable, before touching your face, after being in public... Keeping hand sanitizer within an arms reach will prevent unwanted spread of germ from the hands to your face and mouth. 

What's packed in your cooler?

Consider that sharing food and drinks is a risk when trying to slow the spread of COVID-19. Pre-packaging your celebratory eats ahead of time will help eliminate potential spread of germs. Using disposable dish ware is also recommended.


Individual Potato Chip Bags
Nothing beats a cold beer and crunchy chips on a hot summer day. Allowing each person their own personal bag prevents passing germs.
Make Wraps and Sandwiches Ahead of Time
Avoid the around the grill gathering by designating one person to grill or making food ahead of time.
Pack Cocktails in Ziploc Bags
Make adult juice packs, freeze them for slushies, and don't forget the straws! A trendy, fun, and safe way to enjoy your drinks.


Consider New Activities

With the current quarantine and social distancing practices in place, families and friends have gotten creative with their idea of "socializing" or "celebrating".

Tennis, swimming, hiking, biking and more are all activities that can be enjoyed while social distancing. Consider hosting an event where the main activity is something physically active the everyone can participate in 'together' while socially distancing. 

tennis player with boost cbd oil

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Being responsible with alcohol consumption may be helpful in the fight to slow the spread of Coronavirus. Not only is judgement impaired which may lead to disregard of some social distancing practices, but it may lower your immune system, leaving you at a higher risk of contracting the virus. 

“Drinking causes inflammation and it reduces the ability of your immune system to fight off viruses and bacteria and all of the things that make people sick,” said Leonard, a professor of psychiatry in the UB Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

This year has posed many challenges for our normally social summer lives, but the responsibility to slow the spread of the infection ultimately lies in our hands. Do our lives need to stop? No. Do we need to think differently about what we do and how we do it? Yes. Just remember to keep safe and keep clean! 

Enjoy your summer activities!