Using CBD Sublingually

What's sublingual and why should you know what it means?




1. Situated or applied under the tongue.

Sublingual and CBD have become synonymous terms in the industry, as sublingual is one of the application methods of CBD. 

It's a very simple process to gain maximum results from your CBD oil. When using your CBD oil, drop the desired dose under your tongue and hold it there for about one minute before swallowing. This method is effective because we have glands under our tongue called 'mucosal glands' that absorb the cannabinoids in the oil. Once absorbed, they are carried into your bloodstream almost immediately, allowing the cannabinoids to quickly find their way into our endocannabinoid system and get to work on our CB1 & CB2 receptors.

Swallowing your CBD oil will be effective, but holding the oil under your tongue for about one minute will maximize your use of CBD and its effectiveness. If you've already been using CBD oil and swallowing it, we recommend you start using it sublingually. Consider cutting your dose in half to start, as the bioavailability of the CBD is much greater when absorbed into the bloodstream rather than through our digestive system. 

Bioavailability is the quantification, or 'how much', of the active ingredient that gets absorbed and used in our bodies. The bioavailability of CBD varies by application method. To learn about the different application methods of cannabis and hemp click here.