Is CBD useful if you're already 'healthy'?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main ingredients in cannabis, but you do not have to worry about being “high” or “stoned” because the psychoactive THC that is in the plant does not have much to do with it. CBD oil is now reputed to contribute to the recovery process in the treatment of various physical and mental illnesses.

Scientific studies have examined the beneficial effects of cannabidiol in numerous clinical pictures. But these benefits are not limited to only sick people, if you are healthy, there are also some benefits that you can gain from using CBD products.

Please keep in mind that the potential health benefits below are cited from other resources who have conducted their own studies and conclusions about cannabidiol. These statements are not claims of Purelistic CBD.  Consult with a physician before use if you have a serious medical condition or use prescription medications. A doctor’s advice should be sought before using any hemp products. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

1. Pain-relieving effect

The most commonly described uses of the oil are in the areas of pain and relief of inflammation. A 2012 study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine on rodents documented that the oil could suppress both chronic and inflammatory pain.

CBD acts primarily against pain in the peripheral nervous system and not as usual drugs in the central nervous system. This effect on the neurosynapse could benefit people with chronic pain, especially if they result from muscle spasms and tension.

2. Against nausea

Even those who suffer from nausea and vomiting, find in the oil an alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals. A study (2012 in the ” British Journal of Pharmacology ” published) tested, CBD reducing the urge to nausea and vomiting in rats.

One advantage of the oil is that it does not attack the gastric mucosa and also does not have the unpleasant taste of commercial acid blockers. This could also be a possible solution for inflammatory diseases of the stomach.

3. Against skin problems and acne

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Hemp is booming – from the food industry to the cosmetics industry. More and more creams and cosmetics contain active ingredients from industrial produced hemp. That’s because the agents act as natural anti-inflammatory, blocking lipid synthesis, which is responsible for skin problems.

In addition, the sebaceous glands are stimulated, which emit a defense reaction against acne, in a strength that is three times more intense than the action of other commercial means. In addition, the oil should be able to suppress the cell division accordingly, so that the acne is noticeably less in a short period of time.

Since the active ingredient can also be absorbed through the skin, the oil is also suitable for regular use on dry skin. The oil can help to make the skin more elastic and supple after a short time. Skin redness should also be noticeably reduced if the oil is integrated into the care program.

4. Against Alzheimer’s

Again and again, scientific evidence suggests that cannabis may be helpful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. So recently an Australian group of researchers created a ” Journal of Psychopharmacology “, which was worrisome to few.

Scientists have found that the regular use of hemp oil can ensure that some typical symptoms of Alzheimer’s be slowed down. Alzheimer’s is still a book for doctors with seven seals. Perhaps the chronic progressive disease is caused by inflammation, oxidation or a type of plaque in the brain.

Other factors are possible. Alzheimer’s sufferers suffer from a sharp decline in cognitive abilities and memory loss. The research team found that hemp oil could make these symptoms weaker again.

5. For depression and chronic stress

The formation of nerve cells in the brain can also be stimulated by the ingestion of the oil. The technical term for this is neurogenesis. The new formation of the cells takes place mainly in the hippocampus. In this part of the brain, information from different sensory systems flows together, especially from the area of ​​conscious memory and control.

Research has so far always assumed that neoplasm is excluded in adulthood. This view has since been corrected, but neurogenesis can also be, albeit to a lesser extent, adult-onset.

Previous research suggests that hemp oil could play a role in this process. Striking is the interaction of neurogenesis and depression in adulthood. Under stress, the production of new nerve cells decreases. In sports or relaxation exercises, however, it is increasing. If hemp oil is taken regularly, the production of new nerve cells can be stimulated.

As a pleasant side effect takes place by the active ingredients of the oil, a reduction in stress. In addition, scientists from Brazil and Spain recently investigated the link between neurogenesis and the reduction of panic attacks in a clinically diagnosed anxiety disorder. Again, a regular intake of the oil could possibly be useful.

6. Against tumor formation

It is true, as initial research suggests, that the oil could be used in the future for the treatment of tumors and diseases such as cancer. The intake helps prevent cancer cells from dividing and ulcers from further growth.

This is probably due to the fact that the active ingredients contained in the oil dock to receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which should also reduce the risk of metastases. The gene in question will be shut down, according to researchers from Pacific Medical Centers.

Patients who have undergone chemotherapy also report that the oil has either spared or significantly reduced some of the typical side effects of these treatments.

7. For mental illness and alcohol-related harm

The active ingredient in hemp oil can certainly play the role of a neuroleptic. This is suggested by cases of patients suffering from schizophrenia or other disorders of the psyche such as bipolar disorder who have taken the oil.

The contained active ingredient should help to compensate for already existing changes in the brain. Researchers at the University of Kentucky also came to the conclusion that this could be counteracted long-term damage of excessive alcohol consumption.

Alcohol-induced neurodegeneration in the brain improved in 48.8 percent of subjects after ingesting the CBD oil.

8. Against social phobias

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In a clinical study looking at social anxiety, the researchers found that candidates who need to deliver a speech were significantly less excited when they first took CBD oil.

The advantage over conventional medication in the area of ​​anxiety and anxiety disorder is that the oil does not cause any side effects, as is usually the case with antidepressants. Another advantage is that the active ingredients quickly get to the place of use through the blood circulation.

Withdrawal symptoms as with many other drugs are also gone. Scientists hope for success in the use of oil in post-traumatic stress and various obsessive-compulsive disorders. The current use of the oil shows that patients feel; under regular intake; a significant decrease in physical and mental constraints.

9. Gives energy

Actually, the oil is used due to various calming effects, but these are so pleasant that no inertia arises, but rather an absolutely positive mood. The active ingredients are taken up by the body cells like a booster, which strengthens the entire organism.

Free radicals also feel disturbed by the antioxidant effects of the oil. Already in 2008, it was investigated how cannabidiol oil is a stronger antioxidant than vitamin E or vitamin C. If one follows the research of the last ten years, it quickly turns out that the oil is also hypotensive, antibacterial and neuroprotective advantages are granted.

10. Bone and cell strength

Bone growth will also be stimulated and the efficiency of the mitochondria, which act as engines of the body cells, be stimulated.