How CBD can help you Cope with Social Distancing

woman on phone with mask and gloves


Coronavirus has had many drastic effects on our personal lives and as a society, but one of the worst parts of the pandemic is that it forces us to be distanced from others, preventing us from being with friends and family at a time when we need the most support. Quarantining, the new normal, is taking a toll on all of us. Could CBD help you cope with these moods and feelings?

Over the past couple of months, many of the symptoms reported by people of different ages, who are following the social distancing guidelines include stress, anxiety, and depression. While CBD studies have not been conducted specifically for those in isolation, there are several studies that suggest CBD can help you manage these symptoms like stress, anxiety and depression. 

The stress that the pandemic has unleashed on our health and finances is something we will all be coping with for months to come. Recommendations from experts suggest equipping yourself with tools to help you deal with decision making. Overcoming any situation requires you to be at your best, physically and mentally. Pay attention to what you eat, your bodies activity level, and even to what you are watching and spending your time doing. 

If you have difficulties finding focus and managing your anxiety, meditation and calming techniques are very helpful. If you are able to control your emotional state, you can refocus your perspective and focus on the positive aspects of your situation over the bad. Having the ability to control your emotional self is a very powerful tool. 

These habits, and practices do not come easily or overnight. They take time and effort. While you are practicing these personal development tools, CBD can be an aid in the process. It can help you access these skills more easily, interacting with your endocannabinoid system and progressively promoting relaxation and reduced symptoms of stress or depression.  

CBD is well known for its soothing effects, regulation of anxious thoughts and stress management. Clinical CBD studies show that the herbal adaptogen provides powerful relief for different kinds of anxiety without the negative side effects that many medications produce.

When facing unprecedented situations, it’s normal or even expected that you will  experience a certain amount of stress and fear over the unknown. CBD is a good support tool to assist in coping with these emotions, provided that it is used safely and as recommended. Since many of us are staying home for work, working reduced hours, or not working at all, it is a perfect opportunity to start experimenting with CBD use. You can do so in the safety and comfort of your own home, with more ability to control external factors that could have deterred you from trying CBD in the past. 

If you are experiencing severe anxiety or depression, you should seek professional help immediately. If you are already taking any medications for these symptoms, do not stop taking them. You should consult with a medical professional to find out if CBD is right for you.