CBD Skincare

There are different ways to consume and utilize CBD products which are readily available in the marketplace. The most popular methods include eating CBD infused products, using CBD oils, vaping CBD, CBD topicals and creams, CBD transdermal patches, and other CBD infusions.

There is evidence and testimony that CBD products work great for skincare and acne. There is a multitude of skincare focused CBD products on the market and an offspring of new CBD skincare brands and products being sold. Being a writer and working in the CBD industry, work closely with products daily, and speaking to dozens of customers and clients, I was eager to test out the hype and efficacy of CBD for skincare and acne.

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CBD Oil is great for the following, in terms of skincare

  • Antioxidant rich to lessen visible signs of aging
  • Reduces inflammation in skin to reduce swelling and acne.
  • Counteracts free radicals.
  • Regulates sebum production.
  • Moisturizes skin.
  • Calms & soothes acne.
  • Reduces redness.

I have what most would consider 'good' skin. I'm not acne prone, but I get a few pimples or bumps here and there, struggle with a combination skin type that varies from dry to oily on a day-to-day basis. But like many others, I would still like to 'improve' the appearance and health of my skin.

What I was hoping to achieve was simply to reduce some redness/uneven skin tones, calm and smooth bumps, moisturize my skin, and hopefully prevent aging to the best of my natural ability.

Being that I have a handful of CBD oils at my disposal, and not wanting to go buy skin specific CBD products, I figured I'd give my regular CBD oil a shot!

The product I used was the Purelistic 'Recover' Formula - Full Spectrum CBD. I normally use this oil sublingually in the evenings what I want to relax and start winding down for the evening, or after a strenuous workout.

Like I recommend when using any other CBD products, I decided to complete at 14 day run; massaging 5-6 drops of the oil onto my face twice a day, after washing my face and after taking a shower. I figured I may see some improvement after a couple of days, or even a week. CBD uptake and regulation is not an overnight process so I expected to be patient and wait out my results over the next two weeks. My results were quite drastic though!

The very next morning after applying the CBD oil on my skin before bed, I immediately saw results. The skin tone was more even (less redness), any sign on acne bumps had visibly reduced, my skin smooth and moisturized... I was really not expecting such a noticeable difference in appearance so quickly.

My personal experience:

Adding CBD oil to my daily skincare routine has definitely improved the overall health and appearance of my skin. I tell my friends, customers, and those who have never used CBD or don't feel a need to use it, that this has been the single most beneficial use of my CBD oil I have gotten. I do not struggle with stress/anxiety (outside of the healthy and normal amounts), no depression, no severe pain... So my relationship with CBD oil remains strong in the skincare department.

I completed a two week run with CBD oil on my clean skin, then fell off a bit, and started using it more sporadically. Just yesterday I noticed two localized pimples starting to form, and I decided it was time to get back on my disciplined daily routine.

Using CBD oil daily on skin, for an extended period of time (indefinitely would be ideal), would WITHOUT A DOUBT, improve the overall health of your skin in the long term. The hardest part about maintaining and improving skincare is being disciplined enough to continue giving your skin the attention it deserves. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with my discover of CBD oil for my skincare routine, and YES- massaging regular CBD oil directly to the skin will do the job!

The Photo Evidence:

Purelistic testimonial after use of cbd oil on skin