Products formulated for every need
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Target health and fitness wellness
100% American Grown Hemp
Quality sourcing for purity and efficacy
Products formulated for every need
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Take Recovery Action
Get back to the things you love
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Target health and fitness wellness
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100% American Grown Hemp
Quality sourcing for purity and efficacy

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Citrus Daytime Formula CBD Oil
  • $39.95
Mint Recover Formula CBD Oil
  • From $64.99
Purelistic Bundle
  • $124.95
Max Strength Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • $184.95

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CBFreeze Topical Lotion
  • $39.95
CBFreeze Roll On Gel
  • $29.95


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"The medicine that I take that the doctor gave me makes me feel terrible, but I don't have those side effects with this CBD so I strongly encourage you to give it a try".

Jenny Y.

"I used the PM dose under my tongue and was asleep in 15 minutes. No pain all night. I slept straight through the night for the first time in years. This morning I used the gel on my upper arms, now 20 minutes later, no pain".

George G.

“aole he eha hou , mea maika’i na huahana au” ~ no more pain , your products are awesome!

Najah K.

"My schedule is really hectic and I can’t get to the gym until later in the evenings so I take a full dropper of the 1500mg recover as I’m getting ready for bed and I wake up feeling refreshed!"

William L.

“Sleep has never been easy for me but I totally refuse to be someone popping Advil PM every night. I've really enjoyed using Recover as part of my nighttime routine, and I absolutely feel like it’s lead to more restful sleep!”

Corinne M.

Athletes like Stormi Knight and many others are turning to hemp and CBD for recovery and performance. 

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A Natural Wellness Solution: Full Spectrum CBD

CBD is the perfect wellness solution for people from every walk of life. This natural compound has noteworthy potential for relieving stress and increasing relaxation. Purelistic CBD provides access to the most natural range of full and broad spectrum CBD products as well as CBD isolate recovery products that cater to your lifestyle and personal needs. We focus on quality in every formulation when it comes to full spectrum CBD to ensure that you have the most effective experience when it comes to your overall health and wellbeing.

The Highest Quality Full Spectrum CBD for Athletes

Being an athlete places extreme stress on your body. From wear and tear to injuries and fatigue, your recovery is important. Purelistic offers wholesale CBD for athletes at every level designed to enhance performance and recovery so that you can reduce your reliance on pharmaceuticals such as NSAIDs and opioids. This natural solution provides relief from symptoms such as muscle pain and inflammation, as well as assisting with sleep, mood, and weight loss for a multifaceted approach towards increasing your athletic performance. Take control with a high quality range of products that offer peace of mind through rigorous lab testing.

Learn More About Our CBD Wholesale Options Today

Whether you are an athlete or you simply wish to add CBD products to your everyday health and wellness routine, Purelistic provides access to the highest quality formulas and products in the country. To learn more, contact our team today at (702) 608-5326.